Doar Rieck Kaley & Mack

John Doar

Founding Partner

The firm's founding partner, John Doar (1921 – 2014), was widely respected for his long and distinguished professional life, namely his leadership in connection with several of the most significant legal events of recent history. He served as First Assistant and then as Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division, Dept. of Justice, from 1960 to 1967, the critical years of the civil rights movement. Mr. Doar was with James Meredith at the integration of the University of Mississippi; prosecuted the case of the civil workers murdered in Neshoba County; and physically intervened to disperse the confrontation between mourners and the police after the murder of Medgar Evers. He also served as Special Counsel to the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives with respect to the impeachment of President Nixon and as counsel to the judicial investigation of a sitting federal judge (which ultimately led to his impeachment). He was Chairman of the NYC Board of Education during John Lindsay’s mayoral administration and President of the Bedford-Stuyvesant D&S Corporation in Brooklyn, New York.
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