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White-collar crimes in New York require a strong defense

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2021 | White Collar Crimes

New York City is widely known as the nation’s business and financial hub. As such, authorities in the city investigate allegations of white-collar crimes thoroughly.

District attorneys typically pursue conviction aggressively in these cases, which means that defendants accused of these crimes are in much more trouble than they may have imagined.

What are white-collar crimes?

In most cases, white-collar crimes involve fraudulent activities that lead to a person or group’s financial gain. In other words, a white-collar crime provides unethical people a way to cheat others out of money for their benefit. Examples of common white-collar crimes include:

  • Embezzlement or skimming funds from a company or agency
  • Securities fraud or manipulating the stock market for personal gain
  • Ponzi schemes, or scams that entice investors without returning a profit
  • Money laundering or filtering ill-gotten funds
  • Insurance and mortgage fraud, which harms consumers

As you can see, white-collar crimes do not usually involve violence or physical harm. Unfortunately, this means that many defendants feel their situation is not urgent. Lawmakers know that financial crimes harm the economy as well as consumers. They want to see these crimes come to an end, and their most powerful tool to acquire this goal is prosecution and subsequent conviction.

A successful defense is within your reach

Our attorneys want to remind you that you also have a powerful tool sitting ready in your arsenal: The American criminal justice system. When used properly and with experienced legal guidance, the justice system can help you defend yourself and overcome or minimize the trouble you face.

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