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A DUI charge or conviction can impact your life in ways you might not expect

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2021 | DWI

Being charged or convicted of with any crime can have serious, sometimes long-lasting, implications. Your mental and physical health can be impacted. Your professional reputation can suffer. Your relationships with your spouse, children, family members, friends and colleagues can be damaged. You may feel too humiliated or embarrassed to face people. Your judgment or maturity may be questioned.

When the crime you are charged with – or convicted of – is driving under the influence, or DUI, there seems to be an enhanced stigma. There are many potential repercussions, such as suspension of your license, substantial fines, community service or even possibly incarceration.

The consequences after a DUI arrest could hinge on the state where the arrest took place. A DUI charge is usually a misdemeanor, but there are other circumstances to consider as well. You might be charged with a felony if you have other DUI offenses on your record. If there were injuries to passengers in your vehicle, pedestrians or other motorists or property damage, you may be looking at a potential conviction.

What might happen after a DUI charge or conviction

  • There are lots of potential problems you could encounter regarding your job and career. Court appearances mean time you have to take off from work. If your position entails driving, a license suspension or revocation could mean the end of your job. Anyone seeking a new professional role who has a DUI conviction could find it to be a significant impediment.
  • A criminal record can be a big issue for you if you are trying to, for example, be accepted to a college or university, rent an apartment or purchase life insurance.
  • The monthly premium on your auto insurance policy might be increased if you are charged with DUI.

An experienced attorney in New York can be a good source of information if you are charged with DUI.