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What should you do if the police knock at your door?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2021 | Criminal Defense

You will have seen cop shows where someone going about their business inside their house hears the words, “Open the door, police.” The fictional characters then act in a variety of ways. Some open the door, others run around hiding things, and others jump out of the back window. What should you do if the police knock on your door?


It is essential to understand the laws related to search and seizure. When the police knock, they have a purpose which may be to put you behind bars.


The police can enter your home for 4 reasons


The police must work within the law. There are four reasons they can come into your home:


      You tell them they can: Be careful here. It is easy to invite law officers in by saying yes or no to the wrong question.


      They have a search warrant for the property: If the police want a warrant, they need to ask a court. Check a judge has signed it and that the details are correct.


      They have an arrest warrant for you: You should not open the door to see a warrant. Ask the police to hold it up or push it under the door.


      There are exigent circumstances: The police may claim they were chasing a criminal. Or that they could see someone destroying evidence or harming someone inside. These reasons may permit them to enter without permission or a warrant.


How you react to the police opening your door could determine your future. Seek legal help if the police arrested you after entering your home. An attorney can look at how the officers got inside your house. If they entered without your permission or exigent circumstances, a court might refuse to admit evidence from the search.