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Can you face drug charges for taking a prescription to school?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Drug Crimes

When you are dealing with an illness, you may want to carry your prescription with you. For example, if you go to university and won’t be home during the day, you may have prescriptions that require you to take the medication a few times while you’ll be away. You may decide to take your medications with you to avoid unnecessary trips home and to be sure that you take them on time.

It is possible that you could be accused of being in possession of drugs illegally or of trafficking drugs in some cases, though, if you don’t keep your drugs in their prescription bottles. Here’s what you should consider if you plan to take your prescriptions with you to college.

  1. You should carry your medications in a prescription bottle

To start with, you should take all of your medications to school with you in your prescription bottle. This bottle will have the name of the medication as well as other identifying information about the prescription itself. It’s even better if you get a travel bottle from the pharmacy so that you can carry as few pills as possible with you.

  1. You should avoid giving away your medications

You may think that you’re being nice by giving an anxious classmate your anxiety medication or sharing your pain medications with a classmate who has a headache, but you’re actually committing a drug crime. When you have medications with you, keep them to yourself.

  1. Don’t mix up your meds

Don’t put multiple medications into the same bottle unless you have the prescription information on hand. If you’re caught with a mix of medications that can’t be identified, then you could face allegations of drug possession or distribution.

These are a few things to consider about taking your prescription to school. If you must do so, ask a pharmacist about the best method for carrying them safely.