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Legal issues with prescription medications

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2022 | Drug Crimes

Even when using prescription medications, which are legal, there are certain ways in which people can find themselves facing serious charges. These medications, after all, are controlled substances and need to be treated as such.

There are many ways that legal problems related to medication can arise, and those who are accused of such offenses must know what options they have. Below are just two potential ways that you could find yourself facing allegations of serious drug charges.

Sharing medications with someone else

First and foremost, you need to remember that it is illegal to share these prescription medications. You may not have any ill intent when doing this, and you may just be trying to help out a friend or family member. But it is still illegal to share these drugs, and you could face drug distribution charges if you do so.

Doctors writing prescriptions

In some cases, doctors and pharmacists can also get in trouble for writing or filling prescriptions that should not be honored. This could be a situation where a doctor is giving someone who doesn’t need the medication a prescription because that person is addicted to the drug in question. It could also be a situation where the doctor is getting kickbacks for writing out certain prescriptions to specific pharmacies.

Looking into your options

If you’re facing serious allegations for different types of drug crimes, you need to begin considering the steps that you can take, the rights you have and the legal defense options at your disposal.