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How to ensure your construction project remains lawful 

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2022 | Investigations & Regulatory Compliance

Construction projects can be complex, particularly when the plans involve numerous buildings and facilities. This means that there are going to be a lot of moving parts, partners, staff and proposals. 

New York imposes legal duties on those who oversee construction projects in the form of rules and regulations. It is vital that you adhere to these at all times, or you could risk litigation. What are some effective ways to minimize this risk

Follow health and safety protocols 

The majority of your projects are completed without incident or injury. This is because you take precautions and ensure that health and safety are always a top priority. 

Any lapse in health and safety standards could see you held liable in either the criminal or civil courts. Intentionally breaching health and safety regulations in an attempt to finish a project a few weeks earlier is simply not worth the legal risks.

Employ the appropriate staff 

Construction work can be physically demanding. Certain aspects of this type of work also require specific expertise. 

Are your staff fully accredited for the jobs you expect them to complete? Do they have legal clearance to be on the site? Taking shortcuts with staff to get the ball rolling might be tempting, but it is simply not worth the risk. Should anything go wrong, you could face consequences both in terms of civil law and criminal prosecution.

As you take on your next construction project, it’s in your best interests to make sure you’re up to speed with the latest rules and regulations. Someone with experience in this field can help ensure that your project ticks all of the right boxes.