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What makes a good workplace code of conduct policy?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2022 | Investigations & Regulatory Compliance

At the very basic, ethical behavior is knowing the difference between right and wrong. However, the line between right and wrong can be quite blurry in the workplace. To take the guesswork out of the equation, organizations invest a great deal of time and resources in creating a workplace code of conduct. 

An ethical workplace protects the company’s bottom line, creates a healthy work environment for your employees and protects your business from all manner of lawsuits and non-compliance-related penalties. So how do you draft a code of conduct for your organization?

Here are three steps you can take to create a sound workplace code of conduct.

Stand for something, or your employees will fall for anything

If you are starting a new company or are drafting a workplace code of conduct for the first time, you may want to have an organization-wide conversation so you can get to the heart of the organization’s culture. Remember, you will have a difficult time drafting a code of conduct when you cannot articulate what your company stands for. 

Identify the provisions you want to include in the policy

A good policy begins with a sound strategy. As far as the workplace code of conduct is concerned, it might help to focus on the following areas:

  • Organizational profile and culture
  • Customer privacy and data protection
  • Ethical conduct both within and beyond the office
  • Compliance with local, state and federal regulations

Come up with a common identity

Part of creating a workplace code of conduct is coming up with a common set of goals and a unifying identity. Be intentional about what your organization is and as well as what it stands for. Ensure that everything you do and every decision you make is inspired by your mission statement. 

The overall purpose of a code of conduct is to set and maintain an acceptable standard of behavior for the stakeholders. Find out how you can create a code of conduct that safeguards your company’s rights and interests.