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What kind of drugs are common among students?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Drug Crimes

You’ve recently sent your child off to college. This is the first true time they’re by themselves in the world and you worry about them.

You may have heard horror stories of college students using drugs. The following post talks about what kind of drugs college students often use:


It may be of no surprise that college students drink alcohol. Alcohol is typically the first kind of drug that may be readily available to students. Parents should be aware that alcohol use can lead to abuse. Students are often unaware of the psychological and long-term effects of alcohol and develop an addiction. Like any drug, alcohol addiction can cause psychological dependence

Prescription drugs

Many students have drugs that are doctor prescribed. While a doctor-prescribed drug isn’t against any laws, the distribution of them may lead to legal trouble. For example, Ritalin is a common drug used for ADHD, which helps people focus. However, the use of Ritalin without ADHD could lead to engaging physiological effects that are often sought by experimental students.


Cannabis is a popular choice of drug. People have been using cannabis for years and was historically used during festivals and concerts. As such, cannabis can be alluring to college students. New York cannabis laws prohibit anyone under 21 years of age to possess cannabis. 


Cocaine was a highly used choice of drug and is still to this day. Cocaine is an addictive drug that can severely harm users’ brains. College students that are caught in possession, use or distribute cocaine could end up with serious criminal charges.

Your child is still learning and may not be fully aware that there are consequences to their actions. If your child is facing criminal drug charges, then you may need to learn about their options for defense strategy so they can continue their education.