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Proactive Advocacy For Targets Of Grand Jury Investigations

If you are suspected of involvement in a crime, your fate may rest in the hands of a grand jury. The jurors decide whether criminal charges are merited and if so which indictments to pursue. While grand juries have wide latitude and operate behind closed doors, the subjects of grand jury investigations do have rights.

Doar Rieck Kaley & Mack represents individuals and corporations facing criminal investigation and possible prosecution. We also counsel individuals — witnesses or potential defendants — who are subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury. As former state and federal prosecutors, our defense lawyers are highly versed in federal grand jury proceedings, as well as New York state grand juries. We use those insights and connections to safeguard the rights of our clients and influence grand jury charging decisions. Our proactive approach has contributed to no-bill decisions and mitigated indictments in complex and high-profile cases.

Former Prosecutors Defending You

Our attorneys have investigated and litigated a wide range from white collar offenses to drug charges and violent felonies, including supervising prosecutions under the Organized Crime task force. From that background, our legal team is uniquely qualified to advise clients on the defense side of the equation. We know how the U.S. attorney or district attorney packages and presents the suggested indictments to the grand jury. We understand what exonerating evidence the prosecutor must disclose (and what evidence they are allowed to hold back). We know the investigative powers of the grand jury.

If you get wind of an investigation, it is critical to seek legal counsel immediately, ideally before subpoenas and indictments. Our lawyers can approach the prosecuting attorney to try probe the scope and direction of the investigation. In some cases we have been successful in dissuading the government from seeking indictment of our clients. In other cases, we have filed successful motions to compel or exclude grand jury testimony or to have indictments dismissed.

We can also explore negotiations to resolve criminal allegations without a formal indictment. That could include negotiating immunity or limited immunity in exchange for testifying before a grand jury. Everything is on the table in protecting your freedom and your future.

If you are summoned before a grand jury, your attorney is not present. That can be a knee-weakening experience to enter the room alone and take the stand. Our role is to prepare you as thoroughly as possible for the likely questions, including when to invoke your Fifth Amendment privileges. You are permitted to seek a “hallway” consultation with your legal counsel at any point during the proceedings.

We Stand Ready To Stand By You

Our decades of experience in federal court and grand jury proceedings gives you an edge. We make every effort to prevent indictment, but if you are charged we can aggressively and skillfully defend you at every stage of the legal process. At Doar Rieck Kaley & Mack, we take pride in our record of results and in providing superior service to our clients along the way.

If you anticipate being called before a grand jury or you have received a subpoena, contact our Manhattan law office without delay. The initial consultation is free. Call 646-396-5439 or use our email form. We handle federal grand jury proceedings in New York City, Long Island and statewide.