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Sophisticated Defense For Public Corruption

When the federal government brings corruption charges, the hammer comes down hard. If you are a “little fish,” they want you to implicate a bigger fish. If you are a big fish, they want you to believe they’ve got you dead to rights.

Doar Rieck Kaley & Mack is uniquely qualified to defend individuals and corporations against charges of public corruption. Our partners formerly prosecuted bribery and other corruption as Assistant United States Attorneys. We also have a background in internal investigations, regulatory compliance, government ethics and police internal affairs.

Our insights as former prosecutors and watchdogs are your advantage in responding to Department of Justice investigators or a grand jury subpoena. We can anticipate their tactics. We can gauge the true strength of the evidence against you. We can intervene to dismiss unfounded charges or negotiate a deal. Or, we can aggressively take the fight to them and make the government prove its case.

State Or Federal Corruption Charges

The law firm of Doar Rieck Kaley & Mack represents government employees, elected officials and appointees, government contractors and brokers, and other individuals or entities in New York state who have attracted the scrutiny of federal or state investigators. We have experience with the full range of public corruption charges, such as:

  • Bribery and gratuity
  • Extortion or intimidation
  • Government contract fraud and bid-rigging
  • Campaign finance violations
  • Embezzlement
  • Honest services fraud (mail fraud/wire fraud)
  • Money laundering
  • Environmental violations
  • Obstruction of justice

Our attorneys are well-versed in the various statutes the DOJ and federal agencies may leverage, such as the Rackeeter Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), the Hobbs Act, the Travel Act and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Former Federal Prosecutors On Your Side

Walter Mack spent 16 years as an assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, including chief of its Organized Crime unit. Before that he was a Deputy Police Commissioner of Internal Affairs for the NYPD. In the private sector, he was corporate counsel to Shearson Lehman in the areas of securities law and regulatory compliance.

John F. Kaley served eight years as assistant U.S. attorney, prosecuting public corruption, fraud, organized crime and other white collar offenses. He also served as deputy counsel to the New York State Commission on Government Integrity, with a focus on political campaign law and revising the Ethics in Government Act.

With that background, our defense lawyers know where the lines are drawn and how to counter the government’s allegations of wrongdoing or criminal intent. We are known for aggressive and strategic advocacy in court proceedings as well as proactive measures and creative problem-solving to preserve our clients’ careers, reputations and freedom.

Take Action To Protect Your Future

We understand what is at stake if you are accused or under investigation for corruption. Doar Rieck Kaley & Mack extends a free initial consultation to discuss how our experience can help. Call our Manhattan law office at 646-396-5439 or contact us online. We handle cases throughout the state of New York.