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Why is record keeping crucial to regulatory compliance?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2022 | Investigations & Regulatory Compliance

Doing business can swiftly become much more challenging if you are accused of failing to comply with the rules set by local, state or federal agencies governing your industry.

You might be forced to stop trading or carrying out certain activities until the matter is resolved. Or you may need to dedicate so much time and resources to deal with the threatened litigation that your business fails to meet its targets.

Accurate record-keeping can help in two ways

First, it can help prevent you from getting into trouble in the first place. The very act of recording things can help you spot any issues and resolve them before they bring you trouble. It can also show your employees that you are serious and reduce the chance that they do anything that could land you in hot water.

Secondly, it gives you vital evidence if you ever need to defend yourself against accusations of noncompliance. Showing documents that prove you complied in full, or at least attempted to comply in full, offers a far more effective defense than merely saying you did not know you broke the rules or thought you were acting within them.

Industry regulations can be incredibly complex, and it is easy to make an error that lands you in court. What’s more, even when you think you understand the rules and know how to comply, they can change.

Getting legal help to ensure you are in compliance and stay in compliance is your best form of defense. If it is too late and you already face accusations of failing to comply, get help to understand what to do next.