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Premier Defense For White Collar Crime Investigations

Doar Rieck Kaley & Mack has earned a reputation for proactive and sophisticated defense in the arena of white collar crime. We represent individuals and corporations that are under investigation by state or federal authorities for financial crimes and other criminal misconduct.

What sets us apart is our background as state and federal prosecutors and our multiple capabilities. In addition to a skilled and aggressive defense if our clients are formally charged, we assist with regulatory compliance to help avoid indictments in the first place. Our firm also provides internal investigations to help corporate clients ferret out illegal activity before federal investigators come calling.

Former Federal Prosecutors Who Understand White Collar Crime

Our lawyers have impeccable credentials in white collar investigation, litigation and compliance. This law enforcement background helps us to deliver a sophisticated defense for the full spectrum of white collar offenses:

Results In High-Stakes And High-Profile Cases

Much of our success involves intervening proactively with prosecutors and government agencies to convince them to drop unmerited charges. For example, our advocacy on behalf of a New York Stock Exchange specialist facing prosecution for securities fraud resulted in the U.S. Attorney’s office dismissing the case. More recently, we helped a client who worked for a Big Four accounting firm avoid prosecution for tax shelter fraud.

Another key is our deep experience with federal criminal charges on both sides of the law. We have tried criminal cases and collateral civil litigation in federal courts throughout New York state as prosecutors and defense lawyers. Our legal team includes in-house investigators and auditors who help us sift through the relevant facts to position our client for the most favorable outcome of negotiations or trial.

Discover The Difference We Can Make

Our firm represents stockbrokers, CPAs, physicians and other professionals; business owners and investors; managers, bookkeepers and corporate executives; and any individual or entity who has attracted the scrutiny of federal investigators. We provide aggressive representation at all stages of the system, including grand jury proceedings.

We are confident we can avoid an unjust prosecution or favorably change the outcome. To arrange a free initial consultation, call our downtown Manhattan office at 646-396-5439 or contact us online.