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3 things to consider about plea deals

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2023 | Criminal Defense

People who are facing criminal charges may want to get their cases resolved as quickly as possible. For some, the possibility of a plea deal may seem tempting, but they must ensure they fully understand what they’re agreeing to before they accept a deal.

One of the most important things to remember is that plea deals are only meant for individuals who admit they committed the crime at hand. Most plea deals require a plea of either guilty or no contest. You should also consider these points:

1. Collateral consequences apply

You’ll still have to deal with the collateral consequences of a conviction. This could include things like being unable to own a firearm or having trouble finding a job in the future. Many factors go into determining what collateral consequences you’ll face so be sure you discuss this with your attorney.

2. Appeals aren’t possible

Plea deals usually come with a provision stating you can’t appeal the deal. You’re willingly agreeing to the terms of the plea agreement, so it wouldn’t make sense for the court to allow you to appeal. 

3. The court has the final say

The court can choose to accept the plea deal as it’s offered, but the court can also opt to refuse the plea deal. Because of this, it’s highly unlikely that a prosecutor will offer something that could be considered too lenient.

Anyone facing a criminal charge should think carefully about the options they have to resolve their case. You need to consider how the options will impact your future so you can determine how to handle the defense strategy. It’s beneficial to work with someone who can explain how various strategies may work.